Radicalism Through Real Estate Education by David Serpa (2021)

Radicalism Through Real Estate; Building a Coalition of Educators.

There have been a lot of wrongs enforced by Federal and Local Governments through real estate. Practices like Redlining, Racially Restrictive Housing Covenants, and Sundown Towns kept our neighborhoods and schools segregated and denied generational wealth from an entire group of people.

In fact, from 1934 to 1968 98% of Home Loans were given to white families. Making it not only impossible, but illegal for black people to own in certain neighborhoods. Separate neighborhoods meant separate schools and despite legislation these schools and neighborhoods are still more separate today than they were in the 1970's.

The best way to increase home ownership in certain communities is to increase wealth. The most solid way to create wealth is through real estate. This is why every war throughout history has been fought over the control of real estate. 8 of the 10 wealthiest zip codes in America are around Los Angeles and the Bay Area. We want to empower people to practice real estate in high dollar areas where they have been historically denied the right to own real estate.

Shortly after the first list of "essential workers" was released "Realtors" were quickly added due the California Association of Realtors advocating on our behalf in Sacramento. Unlike other careers in service related fields which have been automated or forced to close during Covid-19, real estate is thriving. In fact, many real estate agents increase their wealth during times of recession.

Right now America is experiencing the Third Great Migration. A tremendous amount of wealth will change hands as people relocate for opportunity and the state economy shifts. Economists project we will oversee the largest transference of wealth in American history with over $30 trillion dollars due to change hands over the next three decades in the "Post-Boomer Boom".

Our goal at Our Community is, as Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs documentary said, to "upset the set up". We are bringing real world education into the places where it is needed most; underprivileged areas and underprivileged generations. Our teachers have taught our students how to learn. Now society needs to show them what is possible!

It is my belief a younger class of real estate agents will bring a group of technologically savvy and innovative minds into a career field which needs them. Real estate needs people who look to this career as a career and not a part time side job for extra spending money.

Real estate is a hustle. I want to teach people who have the ability to hustle, like I did. There is no ceiling in real estate. On day one an agent is learning about entrepreneurship and ownership. In my second month in real estate I closed seven escrows and made over $30,000. More than I made the year prior getting shot at in Afghanistan. I taught 100% of my team to make $100,000 annually.

I want to build a wider table. I have no interest in hoarding secrets when people can benefit from them. At Our Community we aim to teach students about business ownership and financial planning, and help them engage in critical thinking about their businesses through guided socratic discussions.

My name is David Serpa. I grew up in Section-8 and government housing until the five year program was up and we spent my senior year living with friends. As a child I spent time in women's shelters, living with friends, and even homeless. My mom worked three jobs to get us off Food Stamps. My life, and my family's lives, would have been different if my mom had met someone like me 28 years ago.

As a combat veteran my goal is to give our youth an alternative to military service or massive college debt in a country which does not value them. America spent their entire childhood at war. The Government financially devastated an entire generation with mountains of debt and denied education.

The best way to have access to more doctors, lawyers, and professionals is to make education more widely available irregardless of class. This will shatter the education to prison pipeline. If we don't educate, we incarcerate. We want to lead in education through real estate. It is our goal, with a large enough beta test, to prove the youth is worthy of investment.

There is no reason a high school student cannot be handed a professional accreditation along with a high school diploma. We cannot educate tomorrow's children by threatening their parents with truancy. We must incentivize attendance with programs the youth value. A California High School Teacher told me over 70% of his senior class has not logged in even one time this semester.

High School students should enter the work force and immediately be able to financially provide for themselves without incurring the debt which comes with higher education. Trades or certificate programs should start offering licensing courses in the Senior Year. We are starting with real estate. We would love to partner with lenders, beauty schools, trade schools, coding courses, and medical licensing courses to build a coalition of educators.

Generation-Z and Millennials are not starting businesses, they are not starting families, and more of us (between the ages of 18 and 35) are living with their parents now than at any other time since the Great Depression. This isn't because the youth is stupid! They are lacking hope and they are lacking opportunity. This has led to massive spikes in suicide and depression.

I am autistic. This gift has given me the ability to value humanity, recognize patterns throughout history, and not care about money but see everyone for their inherit worth to the world. I love everyone I meet, but lately I meet lot of people acting on their pain. Hurt people, hurt people. Parents wonder why their kids are being bullied and then bully their neighbors on Facebook.

Call me an "idealist" but I believe we can do better. We have to do so consciously. We cannot wait for government permission to start improving our corner of the world. We cannot wait for a 501c3 and a billionaire donor with deep pockets. We cannot wait for a church or a government program. We are the change we have been looking for and have needed all this time.

I would absolutely love to hear from you! We appreciate your support and collaboration.

With love and respect to your and yours,

-David Serpa

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