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If you are a business owner we want you to get involved today! There’s so many ways that you can get involved and get your product out there and get more customers to come to you. Take a look at the page titled "Our Community Services" and find which package works for you. We offer a consultation, where you can talk to one of our professionals and start working on your landing page and social media today. Don’t have time to produce content every day? No problem. During one of our consultations just mention that to one of our staff members and we will help pick a pricing plan that’s right for you. If you’re looking to learn more about the process read below. It’s as easy as 1,2,3! First ,come prepared, there are so many business owners in the French Valley area and it is vital that you come prepared with your product descriptions, product pictures, social media links, a short biography, phone number, a headshot or photo of your business logo or you, and a email. Second, schedule your consultation today, head over to the our community services and select the one on one consultation products and profile package. Make sure you pick a time that is right for you, as our staff members can get very busy quickly. Thirdly, show up and be confident! Our staff members at Our Community professionally trained to make sure you are getting what you want out of this experience. We will offer helpful suggestions and work our hardest to give your page the professionalism and stylistic element that it deserves. How long? On average, if the individual is prepared, it can take as little as three hours. Do your research! Did you know some individuals charge $75 per hour or around $5000 total just to have a basic website? Did you know some individuals charge up to $5000 per month Just to maintain your website and update your products? This is accurate and you can look it up for yourself! Here at Our Community we offer top notch professionalism for a fraction of the cost!

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