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My name is David Serpa and I have been selling real estate in French Valley since 2014. My team has sold nearly 400 homes all over Southern California and held dozens of events for Our Community right here in French Valley. You might have noticed I took some time away from the real estate industry, and the community events, and I wanted to give you a brief explanation. 


I am a combat veteran, I grew up poor, and I never properly took the time to heal. During my absence I checked myself into a VA Center, went to a Post Traumatic Growth Intensive at Boulder Crest, volunteered with various organizations, wrote some books, and realized I am autistic. It has been a tremendous period for me in my life. I am excited to get back to work for Our Community! 


Taking a break from real estate made me realize how much I missed being a part of this community and holding the events. It also made me realize how much I missed being a part of, and helping to lead, our local real estate community. I am back to serve my community in all of the ways I love to serve, after all it's all connected. There is no difference between business, church, family, politics, community, and spirituality, if you are doing it right. It is all one life. 


We have a lot of exciting things in the works for Our Community! Our new storefront, the community events, open mic nights, stand up comedy, Our Community News, Our Community Real Estate Education, Our Community Farmer's Markets, and, of course perfecting the buying and selling experience! 


I am grateful for the time you gave me to heal and for making it possible to support my family by serving yours. 


With warm regards from your neighbor, 

David Serpa





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